Weed House 4th Street: from Victorian Gothic to Colonial Revival to parking lot.

The residence of Valentine O. Weed (300 E. 4th Street), location of the murder of Mary Ramey. Earliest photo circa 1900, later re-modeled in the colonial revival style circa 1940, and finally demolished, as a parking lot 1997.

weed house 1900

PICH 00103 Austin History Center.

PICH 02612 Austin History Center.

4th street 1997

300 East 4th Street. 1997.

I took the photo of the location in 1997. For some reason I thought I could wander around the locations of the murders and find…I don’t know what. If I had realized the remnants of the original retaining wall were there I would have taken a brick as a souvenir.

A hotel is currently located on the site.